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A funny and tricky dice routine!

Price: $58.00
Buy the entire set for $62.91 (regularly $69.90) and save with our special price.
These routines are exceptionally easy to learn and most of them will fool you!
Price: $34.95 - $62.91

These Casino Quality die are perfect for any close up act.

Price: $13.50

Crazy Cube lets the magician divine the spectator's thoughts.

Price: $4.95

Shift the spots on a die to an impossible position!

Price: $35.00
What is a Cubio, you ask"
Price: $12.50

It's a Chop Cup, but not as we know it!

Price: $75.00

A large die, easily visible in a transparent box, explodes into 8 smaller dice.

Price: $17.50

Dice Man could quite possible Andy's finest trick to date!

Price: $35.00
Dennis hows all the tricks and techniques for this cool sport.
Price: $25.00
In all magic there is probably no sucker effect to compare with this splendid trick
Price: $110.00

A clean and easy die penetration

Price: $29.95

This effect has been popular with magicians for many years.


Price: $40.00
Magically 'Solve' the Rubik's cube instantly!
Price: $40.00

A complete set of gimmicked dice to force any number between 1 and 6!

Price: $120.00

This is so amazing and surprising! This tiny dice makes a big surprise!! No force, no practice, and no magnet are required!

Price: $29.95
The magician explains to the audience that the Rubik's cube is a very difficult puzzle...
Price: $75.00

In this unprecedented collection, you’ll find completely different approaches to conjuring with dice.

Price: $19.95
This is the routine he has been holding back--until now!
Price: $39.95

Claude Rix is a great magician known all over the world. He has traveled worldwide presenting his lectures and can count amongst his friends Fred Kaps, Ali Bongo and Pavel. Come and discover his excellent trick "The Dice" and its ultimate version: he has fooled a large number of magicians with this trick over the years and you finally have the opportunity to get it in a beautiful collector's box.

Price: $49.95
Shatters the convention of what sleight of hand can accomplish.
Price: $18.95
Imagine being able to solve a Rubik's Cube from memory, blind-folded, in less than 2 minutes.
Price: $34.95
Shrink the laws of chance!
Price: $4.50

Solve it with Magic!

Price: $125.00

A baffling and hard-hitting prediction effect with sturdy and colorful props!

Price: $75.00
Max Maven takes you on a gambler's holiday, where you're always a winner!
Price: $25.00
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