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Whenever he performs it in front of Magicians, the first reaction is "That is awesome! Can we buy it"".

Price: $69.95

A truly unique piece of entertainment!

Price: $35.00
Learn the real secrets to escaping from ANY lock or handcuff.
Price: $36.00
Featuring one of today's leading escape artists, Danny Hunt.
Price: $36.00
Is it an escape, a penetration or a teleportation"
Price: $10.00
12 Human Body Stunts performed and taught by Luis De Matos.
Price: $190.00

Back in stock and available from Tannen's!

A large scale, one-man illusion that fills a stage and fits in a briefcase.

Price: $59.95

The strongest Most entertaining Thumb Tie Routine available.

Price: $35.00
This is a very effective escape act that may be presented as a complete act or embellished with additional escape props.
Price: $75.00
Escape from the chains in five seconds!
Price: $15.00

Traditional straight jacket escapes use either a real straight jacket and years of professional practice, or use a gaffed jacket with professional acting. We are proud to release Paul Albertson's idea on the new double secured gaffed straight jacket that makes the jacket look real and you only need to focus on the presentation of the escape. 

Price: $250.00
Houdini made the Straitjacket escape famous...
Price: $219.00
Thumbcuffs are small, easy to carry and use restraining devices.
Price: $14.95

ZIPPPPPPP! Inescapable, ultra-tight ZIP TIES OF DEATH!

Price: $19.95
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