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Scott Alexander has established a reputation as the "go to guy" on the bill in lemon effect. His breakout trick of 2004 "The Final Answer" (long out of print) is sought by many magicians "in the know." Now, in this manuscript, Scott tips all the thoughts and inspirations that let up to the final answer, including his unique star trap work that can be put into any lemon in moments, allowing you to load a signed bill and have a spectator look right at the dirty work without seeing a thing.

Price: $45.00

1600 pages. 500 tricks. 3 volumes. 1 mind. Welcome to The Definitive Sankey.

Price: $150.00
Would you like to learn how to easily fold amazing origami models, and then entertain with them"
Price: $39.95
Signed Bill to 'Tic Tac' box! + 3 mind blowing bonus effects!
Price: $6.75

Imagine having someone take one of their own bills, think of one of numerous digits of its serial number, and then being able to tell her what number she is thinking of.

Price: $50.00

The bible of changing a $1 bill into a $100!

Price: $50.00

Imagine the power to make almost anything in your hands disappear!

Price: $50.00

A fantastic resource! Vast quantities of information from magic's Golden Age, in color, searchable, and quite an exceptional value!

Price: $49.95

Back in Print!

Richard Kaufman continues to bring tremendous works of magic literature back into print. Gary Kurtz's outstanding collection of stunning routines is no exception!

Price: $40.00
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