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The first edition of Alexander The Man Who Knows told the incredible story of Claude Conlin's rise to fame as his generation's premier mindreader. Just when you thought the Alexander story couldn't get any more amazing, along comes this new, greatly-expanded edition. Loads of new stories that read like a Saturday afternoon movie serial and dozens of new photographs that prove every one of those stories is true.

Price: $65.00

Scott Alexander has established a reputation as the "go to guy" on the bill in lemon effect. His breakout trick of 2004 "The Final Answer" (long out of print) is sought by many magicians "in the know." Now, in this manuscript, Scott tips all the thoughts and inspirations that let up to the final answer, including his unique star trap work that can be put into any lemon in moments, allowing you to load a signed bill and have a spectator look right at the dirty work without seeing a thing.

Price: $45.00

No magic reference shelf would be complete without S.H. Sharpe's Conjurers' Optical Secrets, Conjurers' Mechanical Secrets, Conjurers' Psychological Secrets, and Conjurers' Hydraulic and Pneumatic Secrets. These excellent books give a brief, understandable overview of nearly every major principle in magic.

Price: $388.00

These are not just lecture notes, they SOLD OUT at the GGG in Northern California!

Price: $25.00

Del Ray was considered the most innovative magician of the 20th century. 

Price: $68.00

Are you looking for modern & practical illusions that play big and will impress in today's entertainment-saturated and competitive market" JC Sum has your solution!

Price: $125.00

The performer opens a book, and instantly flames are seen coming from the pages!

Price: $80.00

Would you like to perform magic that leaves people with a special gift" Gift Magic is your doorway into one of the most exciting ways to perform magic.

Price: $25.00

This book of magic storytelling takes on a different format than his other books. First, Ed shares the STORIES and leaves it to you to ponder and mull them over for a bit before he presents his one suggestion for the effect and method at the end of the boo

Price: $29.95

This two volume book set details the work, and the life of one of magic's most renowned artists, Robert Harbin.

Price: $120.00


When Mentalists hear the name "Peter Turner," they listen. Peter's incredible approach to the birthday and zodiac divination is a stroke of pure brilliance, and a bona fide devastator of audiences!


Price: $65.00

You are invited to collaborate in a creative experience with a day-and-night, seven-days-a-week professional, the inventive and always-thinking 

Tom Stone!

Price: $55.00


The pinnacle in book tests, now perfect for walk-around and on-the-go performances AND featuring Larry Becker's FLASHBACK built in!

Price: $199.00
You'll learn everything you ever needed to know about Fantasio's appearing and vanishing canes, candles and wands.
Price: $39.95
The Revised Edition of a classic tome, NEWSPAPER MAGIC by Gene Anderson and Frances Marshall.
Price: $25.00

Doug Edwards is known throughout the world for his straightforward approach to card magic.

Price: $35.00

This is a book for those who want to perform magic successfully in the real world.It is the only magic book in history that teaches you, step-by-step, how to create a magic act from start to finish: from initial conception to walking out in front of an audience.

Price: $95.00
Price: $39.95

No expense was spared with the production of this hardcover book with dust jacket, LOADED with color photographs showcasing the many aspects of Ray's life along with his Mini-Museum of Magic.

Price: $65.00

A complete text on methods, mechanical devices, moves, techniques, figures, artifices, routines, etc., for performing one of the great classics in the repertoire of magic.

Price: $25.00

A Two Person Silk-To-Egg Routine with a Surprise DOUBLE Climax!

Price: $40.00

A fantastic introduction to the world of modern grand illusion...

Price: $40.00
A Book of Brilliant Ideas & Routines For Your Smart Ass Deck
Price: $20.00

A collection of rare collaborative work between Luca Volpe and Kenton Knepper, including material only available on this volume. This material will make you appear to be a REAL Mentalist, not just a trickster!

Price: $60.00
A spectacular new edition of Jarrett's controversial 1936 text on stage illusion.
Price: $74.00

Jim Steinmeyer's comprehensive biography on the double life of Chung Ling Soo.

Price: $16.95

Learn the science behind one of the most baffling illusions ever created.

Price: $65.00
What is The Secret Illusion Show"
Price: $11.95

The Show Doctor is the first full-length book of magic from Jeff McBride, one of the great magicians of our time.

Price: $45.00

The story deck is a classic demonstration in card magic. It has stood the test of time. In thin short manuscript Luke Jermay provides all of the real information needed to put his story into your show.

Price: $15.95

Some of the greatest minds in mentalism will take you on a journey through time and teach you how to bend reality, change the past and alter the future.

Price: $50.00

Imagine the power to make almost anything in your hands disappear!

Price: $50.00

A fantastic resource! Vast quantities of information from magic's Golden Age, in color, searchable, and quite an exceptional value!

Price: $49.95
Essential for the entertainer!
Price: $20.00

 A whirlwind of routines, tricks, ideas and opinions-- Inspired and inspiring. 

Price: $55.00
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