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See why Cardini was one of the greatest performing magicians of all time.
Price: $150.00
This is the trick that's so strong, Docc Hilford has closed his 30 minute mentalism show with it.
Price: $40.00

A stunning debut book of magic from star protege to Darwin Ortiz, Jason Ladanye!

Price: $50.00

A brilliant collection of techniques, tools and effects discovered by Dee Christopher over 10 years of study, creativity and performance.

Price: $75.00

Yet more stunning and innovative card magic from one of the most creative forces in magic today, Denis Behr!

Price: $40.00
Discover the secrets of picking pockets for entertainment purposes.
Price: $10.00


When Mentalists hear the name "Peter Turner," they listen. Peter's incredible approach to the birthday and zodiac divination is a stroke of pure brilliance, and a bona fide devastator of audiences!


Price: $65.00

Like magic, pickpocketing requires certain skills but there are also secrets that make seemingly impossible steals well within the realm of any performer.

Price: $35.00

What do you get when you mix unrestrained astonishment, remorseless deception, and a whacked-out sense of humor"

Price: $40.00

If you've ever heard the expression "magic underground" and wondered what secrets the elite were sharing, this is your chance to take a small peek at the underground tricks and techniques the were being tossed around in the early '90s!

Price: $55.00


The pinnacle in book tests, now perfect for walk-around and on-the-go performances AND featuring Larry Becker's FLASHBACK built in!

Price: $199.00

Doug Edwards is known throughout the world for his straightforward approach to card magic.

Price: $35.00
Price: $39.95

Banachek`s Psychokinetic Time Trick Do you remember the stunning magic effect that Master Magic Man David Blaine used to open his "Magic Man" TV special"

Price: $18.00


Neal Scryer's latest book of absolutely stunning Mentalism will elevate your work and thinking even closer to the level of the mysterious "13!"

Price: $165.00

What Scryer and Friends was for the art of Mentalism - Scryer's Band of Readers will be for the art of Reading (in multiple ways). Many in the industry hoped this book would never be released... luckily for us it will be released with a very limited run!


Price: $199.00

From magician Wayne Houchin and graphic artist Josh Funk comes Sinful: A Graphic Novel.

Price: $29.95
This is required reading for the mentalist who wants to do corporate or high-end social party mentalism.
Price: $49.95

"It's the single best CENTER tear I've seen in 20 years. For Real!" - Jerome Finley

Price: $60.00

Roy Walton's bonafide classic treatise on card magic, completely re-edited, formatted, and bound to exceptionally high standards.

Price: $67.50

Imagine the power to make almost anything in your hands disappear!

Price: $50.00
When it happens in their hands -
Price: $40.00
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