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Increasingly impossible effects building an extremely original routine.
Price: $39.95

Chris Congreave's take on the diary effect is an absolute killer! His self-working approach combines the classic diary effect with a card at any number plot. 

Price: $28.75
An innovative way to introduce a deck of cards for your next routine.
Price: $30.00
The latest from the creatively fertile mind of Henry Evans.
Price: $20.00
The Paul Curry classic made perfect, plus special gaffs, secret marks, hidden codes, subtle cues, and a built-in memory-free version of the Aronson Stack.
Price: $30.00

Reminiscent of vintage playing cards from casino's like Jerry's Nugget, the Ace Fulton's Casino Playing Cards combine that retro style with a modern stock and finish. Customized across the board, no detail was left unnoticed, including a few "security" measures which we'll leave for you to discover. All in, they're the cards we've always wanted.

Price: $7.77 - $7.00
Simply the Best Ace Assembly Ever Created
Price: $25.00
Performed by David Copperfield and Criss Angel on National TV!
Price: $15.00
A spectator names a card. The deck is spread, and the named card is seen reversed in the spread. The magician raises the spread, revealing that every other card in the deck is BLANK.
Price: $30.00
An easy-to-do, offbeat card routine that never fails to impress.
Price: $15.00
The perfect opening card trick.
Price: $29.95
An incredible display of psychic prowess.
Price: $29.95

Enchant a deck of cards or a matchbox at will. A breath of life!

Price: $80.00
Leave the spectators with an inscrutable souvenir.
Price: $20.00

Any card is chosen, signed, & placed back into the deck. The spectator takes out his wallet. His signed card is found in his wallet!

Price: $39.95

These limited edition series Bicycle playing cards features specialty designs of the Aristocrat - Linen Finish. Available for a limited time. Every deck provides you with the same exceptional quality you've come too expect from Bicycle. Now with a fun new look.

Price: $5.15

Perfection was just the beginning. The Artifice Playing cards are now adorned with a functional border on the back that allow anyone to perform 'reversed' card effects and improve upon the deceptiveness of your sleights.

Price: $6.99
A major breakthrough of a classic effect that will go straight into your repertoire!
Price: $50.00
A blend of the "All Backs" and "Triumph" routines!
Price: $7.95

Precision. Speed. Impact. Durability.

A fusion of card throwing awesomeness -- with a Sonic Scream!


Price: $11.95

The Conjuring Arts Research Center has done it again! These stunning cards, available in Cambric and Ivory finish, will undoubtedly keep your hands busy for hours.

Price: Was: $5.95
Now: $4.95
For those who believe...
Price: $19.95

Many performers rate the Bendix Bombshell as the best magical wallet ever!

Price: $120.00

In the darkest depths of your imagination, The Grimoire Deck awaits. Containing a wicked menagerie of gothic imagery, subtly adorned with classical Celtic iconography.

Price: $8.00

The xXx : Outlaws represent a new standard in playing card design. 

Price: $8.00
If you've ever seen Martin perform this, you know how funny it is!
Price: $30.00
Wayne has come up with the most commercial version of Card At Any Number we have ever seen!
Price: $20.00

A spectator's thought of card is revealed in your diary on THEIR birthday!

Price: $68.75
A trick you can sink your teeth into.
Price: $35.00
The Bizarre Twist mutates to a method of vanishing a card.
Price: $5.00
Bob Kohler"s Black Envelope is a truly diabolical secret.
Price: $25.00
Some of the most powerful card effects which use blank cards in some capacity.
Price: $35.00

Changes the Card Faster than a Blink of the Eye!

Price: $14.95

A spectator freely names any card, and a deck which has been in full view is spread to reveal that every card is blank except for the spectators card.

Price: $30.00
From the creator of Triple Impact comes Bok-Sa and it packs quite a punch!
Price: $15.00
Easy for the magician to read, yet completely invisible to the uninitiated spectator.
Price: $27.00
Unleash the beast in your box.
Price: $24.95

'BRAINWASH' is a reputation-making combination of magic and mentalism!

Price: $20.00

A deck of cards is removed from the box and there is one card face up in the deck - it is the spectator's freely named card!

Price: $7.50
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