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Ten inventors and performers of magic took siege of the magic bar in stockholm to record project 21, but it proved impossible to hold a strong fort against the proprietor who opened the doors and laymen flooded the premises. Could they continue their secret work, just a few feet away from the unsuspecting guests" 

Price: $39.95

34 astounding magic and mentalist effects with borrowed objects.

Price: $30.00
Nine astonishing "pieces of strange to unleash the moment" magic.
Price: $29.95
Slydini's students pay tribute to the man, the mentor, and the magic.
Price: $70.00
Bob can go from group to group without repeating a routine.
Price: $29.95
He's refined and simplified his working repertoire.
Price: $29.95
Each ACT is built on three dynamite routines.
Price: $29.95
Dave 2 continues where Sleight of Dave left off, with more of the award winning magic of David Williamson.
Price: $35.00
Imagine a collection of material that is perfectly crafted for real-world use.
Price: $54.95

The FRESH variation on "Dollar to Credit Card"!

Price: $29.95
This is amazing magic - performed, then clearly explained - with step-by-step close-up instructions from the perfect view.
Price: $29.95
The Ashes on the Palm trick was used by David Blaine on his Street Magic Special.
Price: $29.95
An intimate opportunity to learn from one of magic"s greatest teachers.
Price: $34.95

Over 90 minutes of material with a one-hour film of Calvert's 1995 evening show. Plus a 30-minute Calvert interview and 20 classic Calvert effects performed

Price: $25.00

For the very first time, this remarkably candid documentary takes you backstage and behind the scenes to detail the "real work" of being a mega-illusionist.

Price: $29.95

Over 9 hours of marketing training videos to get gigs.

Price: $60.00

Our card magic should not be limited to the gaff cards on the market. This DVD set provides clear instructions on how to make gaffed and gimmicked cards used by pros worldwide, an essential skill for all card workers!

Price: $35.00
This DVD is designed to be the perfect place to start learning magic.
Price: $30.00

Recognized by the International Brotherhood of Magicians with the People's Choice Award for Close-Up Magic, this 20-year veteran of street magic, comedy clubs and banquet-style performance has agreed to tip the methods to his trademark effects, including his epic prize-winning nine-phase "Pringle Act!"

Price: $39.99

HARDCORE is a startling, impressive, all-new collection that represents some of Jay's finest thinking to date

Price: $35.00
One of the funniest magicians on the planet.
Price: $34.95
More of the most entertaining magic ever caught on DVD.
Price: $34.95
Here he shares it all"the presentations, the secrets, the tips and touches.
Price: $34.95

INSIDER is the next step in the evolution of 'impossible location' effects featuring a whole new world of extraordinary magic and mentalism with a wonderfully ORDINARY object: a window envelope. 

Price: $40.00

Kozak brings you his best comedy secrets including his work on comedy clubs, with priceless pro level tips and ingenious business tactics.

Price: $30.00
So, you want to amaze your friends and family with a few magic tricks...
Price: $19.95

6 visual pieces of magic

Price: Was: $29.95
Now: $20.00

Rene Lavand is a true master of magic. An elegant and dextrous magician who turns every performance into a theatrical experience.

Price: $150.00
Magic Farm contains more of the magic that has made Dave one of the most sought after magicians in the world!
Price: $35.00
Mind-blowing MINDFREAKS!
Price: $45.00
Delve inside the exciting and mysterious art of magic.
Price: $45.00
Whether you are young or old, a beginner or a magic enthusiast...
Price: $45.00
Highly anticipated and critically acclaimed teaching DVD series.
Price: $45.00
Criss personally teaches you everything you need to know.
Price: $65.00

Here it is! A FULL Kranzo lecture filmed from START to finish. This is all OLD SCHOOL Kranzo!

Price: $34.95

Mark Shortland is in demand as a comedy magician all over the world. His performances are captivating, hilarious, entertaining but also incredibly baffling!

Price: $50.50

Bill Malone and he's on the loose!

Price: $34.95

Learn some powerful, commercial magic.

Price: $34.95

Inside information from a guy who really knows the business side of magic.

Price: $34.95
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