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This amazing and often dangerous classic gets a stunning update from one of magic's greatest, modern minds - Wayen Houchin.

Price: $29.95

PROFESSIONAL MAGIC FROM ONE OF SPAIN'S LEADING PERFORMERS. Miguel Puga, also known as MagoMigue, reveals some of his most cherished secrets. More than two dozen professional and award-winning routines including five of the best stand-up routines you will ever see.

Price: $150.00
Slydini's students pay tribute to the man, the mentor, and the magic.
Price: $70.00

Learn the basics of contact juggling with professional Brian Erle.

Price: $10.00

Over three and a half hours of tried and tested commercial magic routines! Feature magic for both close-up and stage. 

Price: $49.00
In the blink of an eye half the magician's body vanishes...
Price: $20.00

When you're in a close up or parlour setting this has to be one of the strongest pieces magic you can perform. You will leave them speechless when a full bottle of wine appears right in front of them.

Price: $40.00

Paul Daniels reveals the act that made him a star!

Price: $150.00

This 6 DVD set is a complete course in Illusion Building. Everything is explained in detail from expert Illusion builder Gerry Frenette!

Price: $150.00
When someone wants to see something amazing.
Price: $15.00

Celestial Mechanics teaches some of David Davies' most prized moves. Moves that until now have only ever been taught to a select few.

Price: $30.95
Learn from the master of Street Magic himself, Cellini, as he teaches you his routine!
Price: $25.00

Steve Valentine's brilliant take on the classic "Card through Hanky"

Price: $50.00
This is a card routine that bridges the gap between close-up and stage.
Price: $20.00

The Ultimate Airborne Card Stab!

Price: $95.00

"The trick that makes all the women go...Ahhh." - Stephen Bargatze

Price: $25.00
A living underground legend in magic.
Price: $35.00
See why audiences loved him and his magic.
Price: $35.00

Join David Regal on this whirlwind tour of the UK. Along the way, find out exactly why he is universally acknowledged among his peers as one of the most prolific, imaginative and original magic creators of modern times.

Price: $50.00

2 DVDs loaded with 16 of Phil Van Tee's ("Parlour Magician of the Year" award nominee for 2012) tried and true routines packed with strong visual magic "El Ropo" style!

Price: $39.99
Is it an escape, a penetration or a teleportation"
Price: $10.00
Mentalism is, by its very nature, an implicit art.
Price: $30.00
12 Human Body Stunts performed and taught by Luis De Matos.
Price: $190.00

A classic of magic for large and small audiences that fits in your pocket.

Price: $20.00

Over 90 minutes of material with a one-hour film of Calvert's 1995 evening show. Plus a 30-minute Calvert interview and 20 classic Calvert effects performed

Price: $25.00
This is the one you've been waiting for...after over 50 years!
Price: $35.00
This classic taught to David Copperfield by Kevin James.
Price: $50.00

The ultimate work on the floating spinning card

Price: $25.00
Follow Franz Harary around the world as he showcases magicians throughout the globe.
Price: $125.00

For the very first time, this remarkably candid documentary takes you backstage and behind the scenes to detail the "real work" of being a mega-illusionist.

Price: $29.95
This magic is not intended for the faint of heart - or stomach.
Price: $29.95

Recognized by the International Brotherhood of Magicians with the People's Choice Award for Close-Up Magic, this 20-year veteran of street magic, comedy clubs and banquet-style performance has agreed to tip the methods to his trademark effects, including his epic prize-winning nine-phase "Pringle Act!"

Price: $39.99

"I've watched Peter perform this at least a dozen times, in studio and in front of live audiences, and it always moves me - and I can't tell you the last time a magic routine has EVER done that!" - Bill Abbott

Price: $60.00

HUG is the new "Thumbs up, Go like this" opener taken to a whole new level of visual madness.

Price: $45.00
Andrew Mayne presents 7 incredible easy-to-build inexpensive stage illusions for the beginner and pro.
Price: $25.00

Plant a seemingly random word in your spectators' minds ... Then reveal exactly how you did it! This is INFAMOUS!

Price: $29.95

Plant a seemingly random word in your spectators' minds ... Then reveal exactly how you did it! This is INFAMOUS

This Deluxe Edition includes all gimmicks required, as well as a specially gimmicked book capable of several bonus effects as well!

Price: $79.95
During its summer 1955 run, the It's Magic series brought some fantastic performers to television.
Price: $35.00

The strongest Most entertaining Thumb Tie Routine available.

Price: $35.00
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