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 From Tenyo's 2014 line of great effects, print cards like magic!

Price: $27.00

This amazing and often dangerous classic gets a stunning update from one of magic's greatest, modern minds - Wayen Houchin.

Price: $29.95

More creations from the mind of Eric Jones.

Price: $89.95

These are exquisitely crafted decks!

Price: $3.35

The ultimate demonstration of psychokinesis.

Price: $70.00
You will be performing this almost as soon as you open the package!
Price: $39.00
The Bite Out Coin was featured on David Blaine's Street Magic Special.
Price: $10.00 - $11.00

B'loon allows you to burst a balloon using psychic energy - and you"re nowhere near it!

Price: $80.00

The Painless Card Blister

Price: $40.00
A treasure trove of workable, awe-inspiring magic-from self-workers.
Price: $35.00
One of the most entertaining and utterly mystifying routines that can be performed with a small packet of cards.
Price: $15.00
Truly one of THE most visual CIB's available these days!
Price: $30.00

Card College Lightest is the final volume of Roberto Giobbi's acclaimed 'Light' trilogy.

Price: $35.00
This is no medical miracle. It's simply a diabolical deck of cards that lets you operate like a master (magician).
Price: $30.00

A killer commercial effect for the close up magician!

Price: $32.50
A devilishly clever trick from the mind of Wayne Dobson.
Price: $25.00

The change | phenomena hypnotism conference features a variety of experienced hypnotists and hypnotherapists lecturing on their current thinking, approaches and techniques.

Price: $130.00
One of the finest gimmicked coins ever created!
Price: $399.99

Electric Touch + gives you the extraordinary ability to deliver an electrostatic shock that will not only surge through your fingertips, but through your entire body as well -- and that's just for starters!

Price: Was: $250.00
Now: $199.95
This is one of those killer routines that has been kept secret for some time.
Price: $24.00

Do you want to make a signed card appear impossibly in your pocket, a signed selection appear in a sealed deck of a different color - IN THE CORRECT POSITION and choose which brand of poker cards you install your gimmick into"

If you answered "Yes!" then you need the E2 in your life!

Price: $80.00

This classic never fails to get a strong reaction!

Price: $40.00

Magick's take on the classic Mismade Bill effect.

Price: $24.95

Imagine vanishing virtually any item produced from a spectator"s pocket.

Price: $65.75

A reputation making effect for stage, parlor and closeup!

Price: $80.00

 From Tenyo's 2014 line of great effects, make a playing card penetrate into your face!

Price: $27.00
Jeff Prace presents four mysteries using chewing gum
Price: $24.95
A miracle that absolutely will blow your audiences away.
Price: $20.00

Hugo Shelley's latest creation was a major hit at the 2013 Magic LIVE Conference in Vegas, and now it can be in your arsenal of fantastic tools for Mentalism!

Price: $325.00

Be prepared to make a lightbulb spontaneously LIGHT.

Price: $25.00


Price: $300.00

Join your hosts Peter Nardi, Michael Sullivan and Gary Jones as they teach 10 amazingly easy-to-do, Hands-Off routines from the devious mind of the brilliant Wayne Dobson!

Price: $30.00
This is the most powerful magic you can do and it's guaranteed to wow audiences.
Price: $50.00

This highly anticipated ring and DVD set are finally available from Tannen's Magic!

Price: $79.90

This incredible set of 5 DVDs represents a treasure trove of secret information. If you have ever wanted to master this principle, it's easily worth its weight in gold!

Price: $149.95

Hold a coffee cup between your hands and then turn it upside down and crush it!

Price: $59.95

 From Tenyo's 2014 line of great effects, make blank sheets of paper transform into currency!

Price: $27.00

 From Tenyo's 2014 line of great effects, come a baffling device that lets you see through metal!

Price: $27.00

This book explores the small, intentional improvements we can make to our magic that yield powerful results.

Price: $50.00
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