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This amazing and often dangerous classic gets a stunning update from one of magic's greatest, modern minds - Wayen Houchin.

Price: $29.95

In recent years the gut wrenching Razor Blade swallowing illusion has become increasingly popular. What has always been regarded as a stage routine has now been adapted for close up and street performing environments by Dan Sperry.

Price: $29.95

An amazing effect that will baffle equally well in a parlor or stage situation.

Price: $150.00
Creates the sounds of snapping bones by a simple spin of the wheel.
Price: $12.50

This special pen will allow you to perform the "ashes on arm" effect not only with great ease, but almost impromptu.

Price: $15.00

Great Laughs!

Price: $8.95
An astonishing collection of useable effects and the diabolical methods that have made Docc Hilford infamous.
Price: $35.00
10 LIGHTS! Then Blown out for the Closer!
Price: $34.95
An astonishing collection of useable effects and the diabolical methods that have made Docc Hilford infamous.
Price: $35.00
Tear away from the safety of your father's mentalism.
Price: $35.00
Ask the spectator to "dig deep into her mind for a personal magic word."
Price: $25.00
The classic effect, born again. With a darker side...
Price: $49.00
Turns the screws on the scream factor.
Price: $19.95
One-Person Portable Illusion!
Price: $85.00
Slice & Dice with DISECTO!
Price: $99.95

From the makers of Ignition, Fireball and Super Sharpie comes Mentalism's Hottest Weapon!

Price: $130.00

A hilarious Halloween themed routine by Mike Bent where Frankenstein's head is made to vanish and then re-appear!

Price: $200.00

Chops, Lops, And Drops - YES!

Price: $180.00
This magic is not intended for the faint of heart - or stomach.
Price: $29.95

This absolutely beautiful antique alarm clock is the link between you, your audience, and the spirit world!

Price: $450.00
The perfect accessory for the mentalist, bizzarist, or seance performer!
Price: $90.00

 This is an electrifying parlor effect!

Price: $35.00
Using an unprepared borrowed camera phone, reveal spectral images of ghosts from beyond.
Price: $14.95
The original Ghost Vision images plus 5 new spooky images!
Price: $10.00

Ghost writer is a powerful tool that allows to you make the most incredible revelations.

Price: $30.00
All the amazement and great entertainment value of a full-blown guillotine.
Price: $75.00
Looking for larger-scale illusions suitable for haunted houses or other Halloween related events"
Price: $52.50
Spooky magic at its best.
Price: $10.00
Routines, tips and tricks with the Haunted Key.
Price: $4.00

An effect that's sure to send a tingle down your spine!

Price: $50.85

Heritage - An unbelievable storytelling routine, that creates an unforgettable experience in any environment.

Price: $35.00

A devious update to the classic needle through arm effect.

Price: $14.95
Price: $20.00

With one swift movement the large knife is smashed right through the arm.

Price: $125.00
For that make-or-break performance when nothing but the creation of life will do!
Price: $99.00
Speak his name 3 times aloud and he will appear. This is the legend of Pancho Diablo.
Price: $20.00

Andrew Mayne presents a new DVD dedicated to the art of levitation.

Price: $19.95

Be prepared to make a lightbulb spontaneously LIGHT.

Price: $25.00

The basic table is one of the first Table Losander ever created its a full prove version with a wonderful design. This is the closest you'll come to presenting real magic.

Price: $1,000.00
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