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Truly a "professional" and unique effect.
Price: $7.95

As Seen On National Television

Price: $35.00

The bag is the most deceptive bag that has been placed upon the market.

Price: $65.00
With a zipper at the bottom so you can push your hand right through to show the bag "empty".
Price: $75.00
Keeps a cigarette lit for an excess of one minute.
Price: $18.50
If you perform one of the greatest card effects ever, the card on ceiling, then you need a good wax..
Price: $10.00
A completely sleek classic close-up effect.
Price: $15.00
The ultimate set with two super clean endings!
Price: $30.00

A Tannen's Magic Exclusive!


Make any table levitate at any moment.

Price: $44.95
A veritable masterpiece in card handling that will render anyone helpless in watching it!
Price: $20.00
This is good for one great big laugh and it leaves the audience completely mystified.
Price: $19.95

The rope visually appears as the rope has melted through your body.

Price: $40.00
Visibly and without cover this gorgeous rose transforms into a silk scarf!
Price: $15.00
For the discriminating mentalist- magician - the ultimate in blindfolds.
Price: $20.00

This card trick has become a classic.

Price: $15.00
Slydini's method is brilliant.
Price: $10.00
You show a matchbox and penetrate the center of it with the sword...
Price: $60.00

Here is your chance to get at least $50.00 worth of magic at half price.

Price: $25.00
This is a well executed, self-working dyno-mite routine. You'll use this often. Great for table hopping.
Price: $15.00

Dr. Schwartz's Double Cobra Deck is potentially the most devious and devastating Haunted Pack of all time.


Price: $250.00

This limited edition wand is a handcrafted replica inspired by Dai Vernon's preferred wand for the cups and balls.



Price: $95.00
Light the torch and as you pass- it from hand-to-hand..
Price: $49.95
This effect is unbelievable!
Price: $15.00
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