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The Bite Out Coin was featured on David Blaine's Street Magic Special.
Price: $10.00 - $11.00

Card Fictions by Pit Hartling allows you to imagine....

Price: $45.00

As featured by David Blaine in his TV special.

Price: $40.00
Paul reveals sure-fire techniques for making the Classic Force 100 reliable.
Price: $29.95
Here you have the chance to witness the live performance of Daryl's entire gold medal-winning F.I.S.M. routine.
Price: $34.95
Turns the screws on the scream factor.
Price: $19.95
Your hands are shown completely empty - fingers wide apart - before, during and after this effect!
Price: $29.95
Take your favorite card trick to the next level!
Price: $40.00
The coin to pass into a narrow necked bottle.
Price: $12.00 - $15.00
An empty and crushed can of soda magically restores and refills before the eyes of the spectators.
Price: $19.99
One of the best-selling magic tricks of all time.
Price: $7.50
Matchbook Transformation
Price: $35.00
Magic Farm contains more of the magic that has made Dave one of the most sought after magicians in the world!
Price: $35.00
Get your MINDFREAK on!
Price: $100.00
This act is worth the price of the whole series!
Price: $34.95
"totally "gob smacked" as the Scots say.
Price: $24.95

Banachek`s Psychokinetic Time Trick Do you remember the stunning magic effect that Master Magic Man David Blaine used to open his "Magic Man" TV special"

Price: $18.00
The magician shows his hands front and back, then waves one over the coin and it visibly vanishes!
Price: $59.95
One by one the cards rise from the pack.
Price: $17.00
Preformed by David Blaine on his "Drowned Alive" TV special.
Price: $19.95
Learn the sleight-of-hand secrets of professional magicians!
Price: $25.00

This is David Blaine's single favorite effect. Now with Mandolin Backs!

Price: $19.95
The Classic Force is not as difficult to learn as you may think.
Price: $20.00
The Twisting Arm Illusion was used by David Blaine on his Street Magic Special.
Price: $24.95
The perfect for the finish to any Ambitious Card routine.
Price: $40.00
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