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This amazing and often dangerous classic gets a stunning update from one of magic's greatest, modern minds - Wayen Houchin.

Price: $29.95

Perfection was just the beginning. The Artifice Playing cards are now adorned with a functional border on the back that allow anyone to perform 'reversed' card effects and improve upon the deceptiveness of your sleights.

Price: $6.99

The black version hits shelves, fully loaded

Price: $7.99

Let this worldwide sensation claw its way into your hands!

Price: $6.99

The Ghost marks a new era in playing card elegance.

Price: $4.99

Sets a new standard and era for the Bicycle

Price: $6.99

Ancient, worn and cracked. 1800's are ripped from history.

Price: $5.95

The cards you love just got better

Price: $6.99

Blackmail is a UTILITY that allows you to predict ANYTHING. Don't switch anything, don't use duplicates and don't bother with a "get ready". The envelope is in full view at all times.

Price: $29.95
Unleash the beast in your box.
Price: $24.95

"Breakthrough is like real magic for the eyes! I'm gonna be doing this for everyone, it's the sort of magic I love to perform!" -Dynamo

Price: $24.45
Introduce speed to your Coin In Bottle
Price: $29.95
The entire deck openly falls through a card.
Price: $14.95

The final two decks created in the Madison Logo series

Price: $6.99 - $15.95
A massive two video set jam-packed into one ONE DVD.
Price: $24.95

A borrowed ring rises off your outstretched hand to hover in mid-air. You then visibly push the ring - still hovering - across your palm. Your spectator can now reach out and pluck the ring from mid-air, leaving them no explanation for the miracle that just happened.

"This effect is so good, it hurts!" -- Gregory Wilson

Price: $44.95

An" X" visually crawls over a pack of gum.

Price: $29.95

Cards fit for a king

Price: $7.95

6 visual pieces of magic

Price: Was: $29.95
Now: $20.00

Got gum" In only an instant a SIGNED coin passes into a SEALED pack of gum!

Price: $24.95

A dignified and minimalist design imbues the LTD Playing cards with a dignified quality. The card box is printed a deep crimson red outside and INSIDE of the case to permeate the entire deck with high design.

Price: $75.00

A never-before-seen concept in gaff playing cards...

Price: Was: $79.90
Now: $50.00
Four cards individually reverse with a shocking conclusion.
Price: $11.99

This highly anticipated ring and DVD set are finally available from Tannen's Magic!

Price: $79.90

METAL by Eric Jones gives what you need to become a superstar. Or at least become amazingly proficient with a set of Walking Liberties (or your favorite set of coins).

Price: $34.95

Some of the best material from one of the world's best mentalists!

Price: $60.00
Shatters the convention of what sleight of hand can accomplish.
Price: $18.95

Hijack anyone's cell phone

Price: $39.95


A note from Daniel Madison: "I tested over 50 different stocks and finishes to find and create my perfect deck of playing cards. With both conscious and subconscious influences from the casino industry, as well as my own visceral world, I believe that I found something in the Rounders that represent who I am and what I stand for..."

Price: $6.29 - $75.00

If you perform tight, eyes-on close up magic, then this is your closer.

Price: $25.00
A spectators thought becomes engraved on your arm!
Price: $24.95

Send your confidence through the roof with a collection of killer effects that shouldn't work ... but DO!

Price: $29.95

Perform mind reading in style

Price: $69.00

See why DAVID STONE was voted MVP at the FFFF 2003!

Price: $39.95

Out of Rich Ferguson's personal working mental act come 11 powerful impromptu effects and techniques.

Price: $29.95
Price: $79.95
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