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Imagine having the power to vanish nearly any small object, in any situation, whenever you want.
Price: $14.95

Take your performances to "the next level!"

Price: $15.00
Sponge ball magic is some of the most powerful in the arsenal of professional magicians.
Price: $14.95
Jeff McBride teaches you the inside secrets of professional card manipulation.
Price: $34.95
A complete course for beginners, amateurs and professionals.
Price: $35.00
Change one item into another - with no skill!
Price: $4.00
Professional caliber card tricks requiring no manipulative skill.
Price: $35.00
Roberto Giobbi's survey of sleightless card magic.
Price: $35.00

Card College Lightest is the final volume of Roberto Giobbi's acclaimed 'Light' trilogy.

Price: $35.00

The first volume in this landmark course sets the groundwork for the rest of the series.

Price: $35.00
The Magic Coloring book changes from blank pages to outlined pages to colored drawings are made with the greatest of ease.
Price: $12.50
The most comprehensive magic teach-in ever assembled.
Price: $19.95
The balls then penetrate the bottom of each cup, time and time again.
Price: $6.50
Show your hands empty, then pluck a bright red lights out of the air, pass them from hand to hand, and make them disappear.
Price: $30.00
One of the most versatile props in magic!
Price: $10.00
Ten classic effects, live performances before an audience, multiple camera explanations, and a free bonus effect with each video that includes the special props necessary!
Price: $34.95

 A real world rising card that you can do anywhere.

Price: $15.00
A collection of novel self-working conjuring effects.
Price: $16.00
This DVD is designed to be the perfect place to start learning magic.
Price: $30.00
This 30-page booklet contains 13 self-working items.
Price: $16.00
A fantastic collection of incredible card magic that requires little to no skill!
Price: $210.00
So, you want to amaze your friends and family with a few magic tricks...
Price: $19.95
The complete beginner's guide to anytime, anywhere sleight-of-hand magic.
Price: $35.00

Step-by-step directions showing how to perform 100 tricks, and a DVD that demonstrates 35 of them.

Price: $19.95
2 incredible illusions on one DVD.
Price: $20.00
The most complete treatise on sleight-of-hand coin conjuring.
Price: $9.95

Show a mastery of a deck of cards in a highly entertaining routine.

Price: $30.00
The World's Most Complete Text Book of Coin Conjuring.
Price: $49.95

Bill Tarr's classic book on sleight-of-hand magic.

Price: $21.00
If you are seriously interested in learning card magic, there is no better place to start.
Price: $79.95
Shrink the laws of chance!
Price: $4.50
A puzzling penetration.
Price: $4.00
Sounds impossible but true, fits into your pocket, no reset spot on is always SPOT ON.
Price: $25.00
The most comprehensive study of this fascinating new tool for magicians.
Price: $19.95

Six effects performed before real people, in genuine situations and then learn just how easy they are to do.

Price: $18.00
The most versatile of all trick decks
Price: $19.95
This deck of cards makes impossible tricks possible.
Price: $19.95

The most respected course in magic!

Price: Was: $200.00
Now: $180.00
Vanish a coin with no sleight of hand.
Price: $4.95
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