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This is without a doubt the most devious ring box ever created. It's inner workings are so brilliantly constructed that it is sure to fool every magician you show it to.

Price: $149.95

 Every wand Joe makes is a work of art

Price: $120.00

  Every wand Joe makes is a work of art

Price: $120.00

An instant candy machine!

Price: $55.00

 Coin stand for Copenetro

Price: $49.00




An autographed first edition of the Dai Vernon Book of Magic.

Price: $500.00

 This Limited Edition wand by Joe Porper is engraved with Dai Vernon's portrait

Price: $225.00

The perfect place to make a borrowed ring reappear!

Price: $125.00

A beautiful update to an age-old effect from Pangu Magic! Perfect for your Spooky Seance Act and Mentalism!

Price: $350.00

This beautifully constructed mirror box comes complete with a fantastic borrowed ring in orange routine. This one's a gem!

Price: $395.00

Take a step back in time, when Erdnase was alive. The Bee® Squeezers box is an exact reproduction of an early 1900's classic. The Bee® Worm back playing cards inside have been imprinted with an original Scott Kim ambigram that says, "S.W. Erdnase" or "W.E. Sanders" when turned end-for-end. Traditionally cut and printed by the US Playing Card Company on premium paper using their casino quality web press.

Price: $5.99

This absolutely beautiful antique alarm clock is the link between you, your audience, and the spirit world!

Price: $450.00

Every wand Joe makes is a work of art

Price: $120.00

A bottle is enchanted and begins to move at the magicians command.

Price: $55.00

From the original document in the Peter Lane collection

Price: $60.00

The finest Chop Cup we have EVER seen!

Price: $145.00

One of the finest sets of Cups and Balls on the market.

Price: $350.00

The Argentinean master of magicians Kartis, designed his own Okito box over 30 years ago. He performed his coins routines in hundreds of shows using this box. Now, after having keped the secret for most of his life, he has decided to shared his box with the magic community. 

Price: $60.00


The gift that keeps on giving!

Price: $99.95

Produce a butterfly!

Price: $24.95


Price: $800.00

MINIMAX is the smallest and most sensitive electronic magnetic detector available today.

Price: $99.00

This is a classic of magic that has been performed by David Copperfield, Tommy Wonder and Richiardi Jr among others.

Price: $599.00

Every wand Joe makes is a work of art

Price: $120.00

A borrowed ring appears within a sealed brass container. The method is quick and diabolical.

Price: $42.50

A ring is borrowed, placed in an ornate ring polishing box and abruptly ground to gold dust flakes. The magician then makes the ring reappear inside an orange or a locked box!

Price: $195.00

This is a Nested Boxes for the working professional!

Price: $425.00

A borrowed ring disappears and then impossibly returns hanging on the middle of a sword. 

Price: $180.00

Impossible to remove!

Price: $19.95

Signed and numbered limited edition

Price: $195.00

The Tarbell Orange Vase. Classic beauty as well as function. Destined to become a collectible.

Price: $495.00

Create a real coin from scratch!

Price: $24.95

"A truly monumental achievement. James couldn't have had a better tribute." - Martin Gardner

Price: $250.00

The Linking Finger Ring Effect, created by Persi Diaconis and Richard Himber, is one of the greatest magic effects ever devised. It captures the imagination of an audience and absolutely slays them. This is as good as it gets, close-up magic at its finest.


Price: $250.00

Hidden in the depths of The Magic Circle was a long forgotten notebook...

Price: $40.00

Solid Mahogany Lipponcott styled Watch Box featuring handsome pewter legs will make an excellent addition to your showcase of treasures. LIMITED EDITION, GET IT WHILE YOU CAN!

Price: $195.00

This is a wonderful effect from Viking Magic & Collectors' Workshop. These are beautiful props that are all hand-made!


Price: $49.00
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