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Baz Taylors Array has taken John Bannon's now classic "Play It Straight Triumph" Plot to new heights with his beautiful custom printed gaffs & incredible sleight free handling.

Price: $32.10

Over three and a half hours of tried and tested commercial magic routines! Feature magic for both close-up and stage. 

Price: $49.00

This AMAZING routine from the creative mind of Peter Eggink is eye candy of the highest calibre. "Breakout" is an amazing closer for your Ambitious Card Routine, or just great as a stand alone effect. 

Price: $31.75

One of the bestselling mentalism books of recent times is now back and better than ever! 

Price: $49.95

Imagine taking the cap from one bottle and penetrating it through another SEALED bottle, While it's in your spectators hand. They see the cap sink to the bottom of the sealed bottle. What's more they can keep the bottle as a souvenir!

Price: $28.00

One of the best principles in magic is that of the impossible object. You take something normal and bring it to an impossible state ... and then give it away as a souvenir!

Price: $15.00
A pack of 40 refill scratch cards for the Cartomancy effect.
Price: $9.70

This new Armageddon Edition comes complete with all the information contained on the origianal DVD + some killer bonuses! 

Price: $31.90

Celestial Mechanics teaches some of David Davies' most prized moves. Moves that until now have only ever been taught to a select few.

Price: $30.95

The Espionage is a secret weapon that even James Bond would be thrilled to own. Kieron has taken elements from Peter Nardi's world famous Assassin wallet & Infinity wallet and added some incredible new features. Making The Espionage the most feature packed mentalism/magic wallet ever.

Price: $149.95

Do you want to make a signed card appear impossibly in your pocket, a signed selection appear in a sealed deck of a different color - IN THE CORRECT POSITION and choose which brand of poker cards you install your gimmick into"

If you answered "Yes!" then you need the E2 in your life!

Price: $80.00

The new F1 Nitro is a true utility wallet that is limited only by your imagination. Allowing you access to features never normally seen together in one wallet. It's so versatile that your mind will overflow when you realize the possibilities.

Price: $140.00

This could quite possibly be the most commercial trick ever invented. FriendBook could do for magic what FaceBook has done for social networking!

Price: $39.95

Brand new from John Archer, FURTHER EDUCATION features more of John"s explosive blend of comedy, mentalism and magic, all packed into two high-energy discs of entertainment! 

Price: $45.00

This package comes with 300 cards used for Ghost by Paul Nardini.

Price: $15.25

An effect that's sure to send a tingle down your spine!

Price: $50.85

A perfect companion for Heirloom Deluxe: Emily's Revenge

Price: $68.00

Imagine taking your spectators iPhone 4/4s and sliding the logo right to the other end of the phone. They clearly see the space where the logo used to be ( they can even touch it, it's really not there ). After your spectators have picked their jaws back off the floor, you slide the logo back and hand them back the phone.

Price: $44.50

 An innovative new prediction effect that can be used for stage or close-up work.

Price: $28.00

In this effect the behaviour of a spectator is predicted not once, but three times over.

Price: $23.95

Now accepting Pre-orders! Infallible will be released on April 4th!

Mark Elsdon has created one of the finest card and number prediction effects we have ever seen!

Price: $49.75

Following the worldwide success of the Stealth Assassin, we have had countless requests for a peek wallet that incorporates a good card to wallet, a peek and will fit in the back pocket. This is it!

Price: $139.95

Inscrutable marks the debut of one of magic's rising stars. On this incredible 2 disc collection Joseph shares some of his prized routines, moves, subtleties and thoughts. Ranging from self-working miracles to the more advanced masterpieces, Joseph covers every aspect in full detail. 


Price: $64.00

This DVD is packed with new material!

Price: $38.25

Brian Caswell has done it again! Does this guy ever stop thinking up incredible plots and routines"

Price: $40.00

Anyone that owns a Peter Nardi creation will instantly know he has a knack for inventing truly commercial, straight to the point, hard hitting routines. Peter's now classic Knock'em Dead is being used by magicians all over the world. If you liked the original Knock'Em Dead, you'll love Knock'Em Dead II.

Price: $27.80

A Master Class to the fastest and most invisible sleeving technique there is!

Price: $35.00

Wayne’s “Look Sharp “concept is simple but extremely ingenious. Imagine being able to turn a sharpie marker (something we all use) in to a chosen playing card, even in your spectators own hands.  NOW THAT’S A REVELATION!.

Price: $24.95

A magic square with scratch off lottery tickets!

Price: $46.66

100 Lotto Scratchers for Lotto Square by A.O. Smetsers

Price: $37.75

Brings a whole new level to the classic Color Changing Deck effect!

Price: $24.95

A thought of card, a random number and an impossible double revelation!

Price: $48.95

50 Black and Red envelopes for use with the deluxe leather nesting wallets by Nicholas Einhorn, the Russian & The Tri Nesting Wallets.

Price: $22.75

A hyper-visual card-to-envelope effect

Price: $37.05


Price: $24.00

Anyone that follows Peters work will understand his knack for creating hard-hitting magic and Mentalism. Random is a plot Peter has been working on for a while and now it can be yours!

Price: $38.95

From Clint Barron, Alakazam presents one of the cleanest, fairest ESP tests ever seen!

Price: $28.99

Peter Nardi has created an up to date version of Rob Bromley's classic Cigarette Through Card effect., making it an effect that every magician should own and perform!

Price: $48.50

Sign off is an incredibly Eye-Popping routine with a visual vanish of a signature that happens right in front of your spectators eyes but looks like a camera trick! 

Price: Was: $39.95
Now: $35.00
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