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Dave Powell's new and improved Antique Haunted Timber brings psychokinetic telepathy to another level. Through just the power of concentration the mentalist is able to move a solid piece of timber and make it fall over at his command.


Price: $79.95

This is without a doubt the most devious ring box ever created. It's inner workings are so brilliantly constructed that it is sure to fool every magician you show it to.

Price: $149.95

An amazing effect that will baffle equally well in a parlor or stage situation.

Price: $150.00

The perfect place to make a borrowed ring reappear!

Price: $125.00

This beautifully constructed mirror box comes complete with a fantastic borrowed ring in orange routine. This one's a gem!

Price: $395.00

The most amazing knife thru coat on the market!

Price: $49.50

For any effect where you require a full deck of cards to shoot upwards from a chest, hat, gift bag, or any pther place you can imagine. Ideal for card sword or stab effects.

Price: $315.00

A ring is borrowed, placed in an ornate ring polishing box and abruptly ground to gold dust flakes. The magician then makes the ring reappear inside an orange or a locked box!

Price: $195.00

This is a Nested Boxes for the working professional!

Price: $425.00

Signed and numbered limited edition

Price: $195.00

The most ornate and deceptive Add-a-Number Pad on the market. You'll want to add this one to your collection right away.

Price: $159.00
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