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The Painless Card Blister

Price: $40.00

Reveal anything - anytime and anywhere.

Price: $19.95
A lit candle passes with ease thru your arm.
Price: $40.00


Price: $31.50

The magician shows his hands clearly empty. He makes a magic gesture, and immediately produces a shower of confetti!

Price: $25.00
When squirted through an open flame, this fine powder creates a jet of fire. The flame burns really clean also.
Price: $8.00
Produce fire at any moment from one hand-to-hand.
Price: $24.95

The performer opens a book, and instantly flames are seen coming from the pages!

Price: $80.00
A flame appears at the magician's fingertips. Suddenly, the fire goes out, and a 24 inch silk appears in its place!
Price: $25.00

The best fire wallet on the market!

Price: $89.00

Leave a burning impression.

Price: $50.00
Fantasio Lit Candle vanishes in a flash! This is exciting visual magic for the stage performer!
Price: $37.50
A great way to produce a silk handkerchief on stage.
Price: $15.00
Very fibrous and fast-burning.
Price: $12.00
This double barrel design allows you to fire a flash twice.
Price: $59.95
The performer enters the stage, hands seemingly empty, then WHAM-suddenly a flash of brilliant fire streaks out of his hand, traveling up to 15 feet!
Price: $39.95

Flash Paper is ideal for devices that shoot fireballs, such as flash guns and wands, or for lighting and tossing, burning.

Price: $6.00

Flash Paper is ideal for devices that shoot fireballs, such as flash guns and wands, or for lighting and tossing, burning.

Price: $11.00
Used as a primer for Colored Smoke Powder.
Price: $13.00

From the makers of Ignition, Fireball and Super Sharpie comes Mentalism's Hottest Weapon!

Price: $130.00
At anytime during your performance, you pick up this magic wand and shoot fire across the stage (up to 15 feet) which then bursts in midair!
Price: $55.00
This heavy-duty mechanical device that creates a nice flash of fire. Can also be used to create electrically crackling sparks.
Price: $19.95

Harmless sparks fly from the fingers on command.

Price: $30.00
The perfect accessory for the mentalist, bizzarist, or seance performer!
Price: $90.00

These are reusable igniters and they are included in devices that require them.

Price: $9.95 - $10.45

Take the flame off of any butane lighter and hold it in your hand like magic!

Price: $29.50
The hottest card trick in magic!
Price: $25.00
Allows you to produce a flash of fire and immediately show your hands to be completely empty!
Price: $30.00
The Original Flames From Fingertips!
Price: $39.95
Matchbook Transformation
Price: $35.00

Easily shoot fireballs 15 feet into the air!

Price: $75.00
Matches spontaneously your hands!
Price: $50.00
Walk up to a group of people with a deck of cards and utterly amaze them with you burning powers.
Price: $25.00
An Amazing Lit Candle Production!
Price: $37.50

This trick is HOT!

Price: $39.95
Wildly visual magic that really hits people on a gut level.
Price: $25.00

Starstruck is like a double-barrelled shotgun. Pure magic and pure mentalism combined!

Price: $55.00
Ever wish you could produce a mystical flash of fire by simply snapping your fingers"
Price: $19.95
This is the ideal accessory to be used with candles routines.
Price: $10.00
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