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A new, novel, and improved Squircle paper effect!
Price: $20.00

 Reveal a thought of word from a borrowed newspaper clipping!

Price: $59.00

"The trick that makes all the women go...Ahhh." - Stephen Bargatze

Price: $25.00
Mentalism is, by its very nature, an implicit art.
Price: $30.00
Yards and yards and yards of paper ribbon!
Price: $3.00

Colored tissue are torn into many pieces and crumpled together and change into a colorful hat.

Price: $12.50 - $14.95

The magician folds the newspaper again and pours a glass of water into it...

Price: $10.00

Produce yards of tissue ribbon from your mouth.

Price: $15.00 - $24.00

Andy Dallas has taken the Torn and Restored Newspaper effect to a HOLE new level!

Price: $25.00

"A classic that has been given a fresh and up to date twist" - Paul Romhany

Price: $150.00

Instantly turn a slip of paper into the origami shape of the animal a person is visualizing in their mind. Turn a borrowed bill into a butterfly. Tear up a newspaper and produce an animated origami rabbit.

Price: $20.00
Slydini's method is brilliant.
Price: $10.00
Andrew Mayne presents a radical twist on the classic newspaper tear.
Price: $15.00

Imagine ... In full view, the drawing of a black rose transforms - its petals slowly bursting into glorious color. The art, thus changed, is handed out as a memorable magical gift!

Price: $195.00

Bright and colorful, a perfect ending to a fast-paced act.

Price: $18.00
Fu Manchu's classic for all audiences!
Price: $10.00
One smooth trouble-free tear.
Price: $25.00
Martin Lewis brings the classic Torn and Restored Cigarette Paper.
Price: $19.95
With a wand and a rabbit YOU ARE a magician.
Price: $12.95
Price: $24.95
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