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Welcome To Tannen's Magic Online!
Located in the heart of Midtown, in the Herald Square district of New York City, Tannen's Magic has been catering to the needs of professional and amateur magician's since 1925.

We have thousands of magic items right here online. You will find every kind of trick imaginable as well as related items, DVD's, books and more! From beginners to the most advanced magician, we have something to meet your every magic need.


One can, two different drinks

Price: $24.95

Jeff Kaylor's Greatest Hits!

Price: $134.95

 An amazing illusion for the solo performer

Price: $40.00

Precision. Speed. Impact. Durability.

A fusion of card throwing awesomeness -- with a Sonic Scream!


Price: $11.95

A revolutionary new system for allowing your spectator to read minds

Price: $34.95

From the original document in the Peter Lane collection

Price: $60.00

Tuesday, September 30, 2014, 7 p.m. EST

Price: $20.00

Produce a 3-foot table in a flash!

Price: $35.00

A complete collection of Patrick's most updated work

Price: $34.95

10 Amazing Card Tricks

Price: $27.00

A very visual playing card to bill change

Price: $39.95

Learn Suzanne's valuable secrets on how to properly structure a magical performance to create a standout show!

Price: $39.95

Hidden in the depths of The Magic Circle was a long forgotten notebook...

Price: $40.00

Don't be a wimp, buy an Imp!

Price: $12.50

Resurrect an ancient routine...

Price: $29.95

One of Luke Jermay's highlight effects is finally available in its newest version. 

Price: $29.95

A Sharpie marker impossibly recaps itself!

Price: $35.00

The world's first linking rubberband effect that is COMPLETELY done by your spectator in her fingertips.

Price: $35.00

The razor sharp card technique that simply looks like real magic

Price: $35.00

A very simple and visual coin penetration

Price: $28.50

An effect that's sure to send a tingle down your spine!

Price: $50.85


Price: $7.95


Price: $5.00

Paul Daniels reveals the act that made him a star!

Price: $150.00

Incredibly easy mindreading - close-up, parlor, or stage!

Price: $49.50

Incredibly visual effects you can do with your baseball cap

Price: $34.95

J.N. Hofzinser was one of the most significant magicians to have ever lived.

Price: $299.95

A clean and easy die penetration

Price: $29.95

A perfect companion for Heirloom Deluxe: Emily's Revenge

Price: $68.00

If magic and mentalism had a baby, this would be it!

Price: $34.95

More webs!

Price: $9.95

The final two decks created in the Madison Logo series

Price: $6.99 - $15.95

One of the most visual effects...EVER

Price: $34.95

Revolutionary, visual money magic

Price: $45.00

Lotto prediction with a kicker PowerBall ending!

Price: $75.00

Steve Valentine's brilliant take on the classic "Card through Hanky"

Price: $50.00

This trick is HOT!

Price: $39.95

 Possibly the strongest ESP effect EVER!

Price: $29.95

 Ten incredible self working card tricks. Zero moves. 100% awesome!

Price: $30.00
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