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A Modern Take on Card-Toon

Mini Me combines Card-Toon and Cardiograph into an easy-to-do, commercial piece of close-up magic.

You start by handing out a prediction envelope to an audience member. Then, a card is selected by an audience member. When you remove the prediction from the envelope, you find a playing card with a drawing of a stick figure magician and his top hat on the back. This card stays in full view, and the audience watches as the drawing visually animates, and the stick figure magician pulls the selected card out of his top hat!

While this trick is based on the plot of Card-Toon, Mini Me takes the plot to new heights. Mini Me uses an ungimmicked deck of cards, leaving you with plenty of pocket space, and it resets instantly, making it perfect for the walk-around or restaurant magician. It's also easy to perform and within the skill level of beginners. Best of all, the trick ends clean so you can pass out the card with the drawing to be examined!

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