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The Family

by Max Vellucci


Five pictures of a 19th century family allow you to perform and create a variety of powerful and bizarre feats of mentalism.



Effects taught:


Find A Dead: The spectator thinks of a face-up photo. The mentalist then divines the thought-of photo. The effect is repeated, this time with the photos face-down!


Seance: The spectator becomes the medium when she identifies which character died tragically!


Premonition: Both the mentalist and the spectator have the same 5 photos. The mentalist places the photos face-down in the order in which the characters died. The spectator does the same. When the photos are turned face-up, they match! (To perform this effect, 2 decks of The Family are required.)


Package includes 9 Tarot-sized photographs (310 gsm linen):

  • 5 character photographs (with two special secrets!)
  • 2 blood-stained photographs
  • 1 special version of Helen's photo -THE HORROR VERSION!
  • 1 double-backed photo (one side is bloody!)



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