Aces Front
Aces Front

Aces Front

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Aces Front is an easy to do visual miracle that will make you look like a sleight of hand god!

A miniature deck of cards is shuffled and placed into a champagne glass, isolating the deck so there's no way the performer can use sleight of hand. A quick flick of a handkerchief causes each ace to visually appear at the front of the glass, one at a time, without the performer touching the cards!

You receive all the props and gimmicks you need to perform this effect including the cards, glass, and handkerchief and you will learn multiple handlings: both the original version done by Alan Wakeling, Lance Burton, and Doug Henning, as well as a new updated handling with different color changes by Rob Ramirez. The original written instructions from Jim Steinmeyer are included along with video instructions from Rob including explanations to two bonus effects you can do with these props that have never been published before.

This effect is easy to do (even if you don't do card magic), and it's so visually striking that it's a perfect trick for virtual performances.

Note: Instead of the included silk, we recommend the Syouma Silk, as seen in the video.

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