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Magnet-0 (pronounced Magnet Zero) is an impossible, impromptu-seeming PK effect. Borrow a quarter, and balance it on top of the cap of a sharpie. Then, cover it with a cup or wine glass to prove that you're not about to use threads or a current of air. Inexplicably, on your command, the quarter hops off the marker cap.

You don't have to use a quarter - any coin will work, or even a key or other small object that you can manage to borrow will work perfectly.

Magnet-O comes with the gimmick you need to make everything work. Once you know the secret, the trick is almost self working. And if you add in a little sleight of hand taught on the the instructional video, you'll be able to seemingly borrow all the props, including the sharpie!

As with everything produced by Henry Harrius, Magnet-0 is made to last forever and to work again and again in real-world environments.

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