Quiver Coin Holder Tan

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The Quiver Coin Holder is a utility for all coin workers.

Designed to dispense a handful of coins, it sits neatly on your belt or pockets edge… locked in place by a powerful magnet.

Loose change in pocket scratches up your phone screen, or becomes impossible to palm without fumbling.

The Quiver Coin Holder solves all of this.

  • Holds a stack of 4 American Half Dollars comfortably.
  • Tight elastic that holds as little as one coin.
  • The perfect carrier for your $119 set of Silver Edge coins. (That’s how our staff use this)
  • Made with the same high quality real leather you’ve come to expect from the Quiver range.

Available in 4 colors: Black, Tan, Red and Grey, the Quiver Coin Holder positions itself as the new ‘magicians coin purse’ for any coin worker.

When in covert mode, it’s inverted for easy-access to a ‘3-fly’ portion of coins. Your audience is none-the-wiser.

When in carry mode, it’s closed into a soft leather clam that hugs your expensive shells, gaffs or normal coins securely.

The must-have concealed carry for all coin workers.

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