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THE NEAT REVIEW ISSUE ONE takes us to London.

Derren Brown
Stephen Long
Andrew Frost
Kez Dearmer
Paavan Buddhdev
Alexander Hansford
Rory Adams
Justin Higham

There is a fascinating dialogue that exists between the creative worlds, and magicians seem privy to the most unlikely interminglings of those worlds. Our contributors have magic as a hobby, but work professionally as photographers, visual artists, writers, graphic designers, teachers. In this issue we capture conversations between magic and photography, painting, philosophy, writing and acting. Each world grows from that dialogue. There are five essays, three tricks, two card sleights, and a 26-page interview with quite possibly the best mind reader in the history of magic, Derren Brown.

Designed & Published in London by Ultra Neat Ltd
192 pages. 190mm x 260mm
ISBN 978-1-5272-3973-9

Lithographically printed, perfect bound, embossed cover.

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