iBalance Plus
iBalance Plus

iBalance Plus

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"iBalance is, I think, one of the all-time best effects with a phone. Unlike magic with apps, it doesn't just look like technology. iBalance looks like REAL MAGIC. Best of all, it will never become obsolete as phones improve. This one is going into my daily repertoire." -Joshua Jay
"Mark showed me iBalance while I was lecturing in the UK and fooled me very badly. He suspended my own iPhone in the bloody air...and I had no clue how he did it!" -Bill Abbott

"iBalance fooled me badly. Super practical. Super clever. Completely mystifying." -Cameron Francis

Impossibly balance a phone on your fingers!

The magician begins by handing out their phone for examination or even borrowing the spectator's phone. Next, they balance the phone across their hands, with one hand on either end underneath the phone. Then, they remove one of their hands and the phone remains impossibly balanced on their other hand at the fingertips. Afterward, the phone can be completely examined again.

  • No magnets, IT, suction, or adhesives
  • Extremely visual and angle-proof: the spectators can even look under the phone while it's balancing!
  • Works with iPhones, iPads, AirPods, Android phones, and Android tablets
  • The phone is completely examinable at the end
  • Comes with detailed video instructions

iBalance Plus is the only trick with a phone where your spectators CAN'T say, "I bet you have an app that does that trick!"

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