DMC ELITES: V Playing Cards
DMC ELITES: V Playing Cards
DMC ELITES: V Playing Cards

DMC ELITES: V Playing Cards

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Our best selling marked deck just got better.

We've been fans of the DMC elites for years. The marking system is undetectable before you learn it, but as soon as you know the secret, it's the easiest marked deck to use. And if you have poor eyesight or you're performing somewhere with low light, this deck is the most reliable tool for you.

DMC Elite V5 is not just a reprint in a new color, this deck has new features:
-Deck comes stacked in Mnemonica
-Along with the regular markings, each card is also marked with its stack number in Mnemonica
-One-way faces
-A Mnemonica crib sheet card is included
-Force card reveals on the box and on a joker

This is all in addition to the features that were already in this deck:
-Markings in all four corners (perfect for left-handers and right-handers alike)
-Markings that can be read from a spread
-A subtle one way back design
-Phil Smith's "Hidden in plain sight" marking system that takes only minutes to master

DMC ELITES V5: Perhaps the most powerful deck EVER created for magicians.

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