Victorian Horizontal Card Rise
Victorian Horizontal Card Rise

Victorian Horizontal Card Rise

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The finest Horizontal 

Card Rise ever designed !


This trick is as beautiful to display as it is a joy to perform.

Entirely Mechanical

Self Contained.

No Electronics!

No wires!

No Threads! 

Completely Silent 

Triple Gear Mechanism! 

Instantly Repeatable and 3 Additional routines Included!

Everything supplied including the Bicycle Deck and Black Handkerchief!


The performer asks 2 audience members to each to select a card from the deck which are both returned to the deck which is then placed into a beautiful walnut houlette. The houlette is placed in the center of walnut pedestal base and covered with a glass dome. The deck is completely visible, however it is isolated within the glass dome. 


The performer tells the first spectator to think of his card as the dome is covered with a handkerchief. The handkerchief is whisked away to reveal the spectators card has moved through the deck to the front of the pack.


The card is removed and replaced back in the deck. The performer now says to make it more difficult the deck will be wrapped with 2 rubber bands to prevent any hanky panky while performing the effect.


The second card is now thought of by the second spectator as the houlette is once again covered by the glass dome and handkerchief. When the handkerchief is removed the second card has once again moved to the front of the deck.

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