Opus Book Test English

Opus Book Test English

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This gem of technology, it's an INTELLIGENT MARKER that will allow you to perform miracles.

Imagine the following:

You are presenting two books to the public.
  • A dictionary of more than 1100 pages (For each language, the number of pages may differ from country to country).
  • A novel of about 300 pages.
The viewer chooses a book. You ask him to open this book to any page and give you the page number.


The marker will immediately indicate the first word(s) of the page.
  • You also announce a line number. This line number is indicated by the marker which also gives you the first word or words of this line. The lines are all different -- they have been inserted randomly.
  • You can immediately announce the same things on the next page.
  • You can go from page to page until the end of the book if you wish.
At any moment, the viewer can decide to change books. Or return to the first with other pages. You only press a button.
  • Each time you will know what to answer.
  • If he wants to trap you by giving you a non-existent number, you will know it.
  • If he wants to trap you by giving you an empty page number, you'll know it.
You use this with only one hand, simply with the thumb.
  • Indication of the marker: An LED light will come on to let you know that the marker is on.
  • The choice of book 1: a red led will light up.
  • Just by pressing a button, the choice of the book will change, and the blue LED will light up.
  • You can skip pages simply with a button to go from 127 to 128 for example. When you are on a page, you can ask for a number between 1 and 10. If the spectator says, for example, 9, they advance 9 pages and you immediately have the same info.
In short, you can do everything.

If you want one or two books that belong to you, it will be possible with a supplement.

If you want to write the words yourself, there will be just a very minimal cost in this case.

You can choose to take our dictionary but change the book.

You can use this gimmick in close-up. Nobody will see anything.
  • Neither the buttons nor the lights.
You can of course use it on stage.
  • It recharges in ink (ink provided).
  • The battery recharges on PC or sector.
  • The books are included.
  • The marker is guaranteed, and will be exchanged with a new one.
  • An explanatory video is provided (Vimeo link).
Available in 4 different languages.

Note: AC power converter (UK to US) sold separately.

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