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The new “Omega Fire Hand Held Fire Gimmicks” are simply the best engineered fire gimmicks on the magic market today. Real Fire can be made to appear and vanish at will from one hand to the other, or appear in both!

These gimmicks are spun cast of the finest quality Pewter and have a built-in heat sink on the bottom of each gimmick to reduce heat. Each flint wheel can be individually adjusted to any striking angle by simply loosening the set screw at the base of the finger clip.

Omega Fire comes in a set, left and right and will produce a large 7" to 8" flame from one or both hands, just as easy as using a lighter. They are easily concealed in the hands, measuring only 1/4" thick! Omega Fire uses standard lighter fluid, and because of the design, the fluid will last for up to twelve hours before performing.

· Supplied with complete instructions and velvet carrying bag.

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