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Welsh Rarebit Pan
by Morrissey Magic

"Welsh rabbit" is a tasty dish - "a rare bit" - hence the name "RAREBIT PAN".

This popular piece of magical apparatus, a favorite with magicians throughout the years, is one of the most versatile props that you can own. Its uses are only limited by the ingenuity of the owner.

Here is one of the many effects:

Borrow a spectator's hat. Mix ingredients for making a cake in a clear plastic bowl - flour, milk, eggs, etc. Show pan empty and pour in the sticky mixture. Look around for a stove or fireplace to bake the cake, None is available, so take the empty hat, start a fire in it and place the pan on fire to bake the cake! Extinguish the fire, return the borrowed hat, unharmed, remove the lid and produce a baked cake.

The Welsh Rarebit Pan has been unobtainable for many years, thus it comes out fresh and new to modern day and younger audiences.

Manufactured in aluminum, wood handle, five piece construction, highly polished. Approximately 10" high.

Comes complete with two pages of instructions, ideas and tips by Bruce Posgate.

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