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Seven performance pieces with an ordinary deck

Pit Hartling’s modern classic - finally back in print (updated edition).

Since its original publication in 2003, Card Fictions has become a classic of card magic: David Blaine used a routine from this book for one of his TV specials, Pit himself chose another for his appearance in the FISM Close-Up Gala Show, and effects from Card Fictions are in the professional repertoires of performers all over the world. The book contains a variety of plots, effects and presentations:

You sense the colors of playing cards through a solid table. 

You stack four Poker hands in less than ten seconds. 

You kick any named number of cards off a tabled deck. 

You put chaos to order. 

You magically move cards to any positions in the pack at will. 

You transpose a card from between a spectator's hands to under his watch. 

You instantly memorize the order of a shuffled deck. 

The methods reach from well thought-out sleight-of-hand to self-working principles and effective psychological strategies. Card Fictions also contains two (entirely practical) theoretical essays, including the famous “Inducing Challenges”. 

This new edition contains a number of minor (and one major) handling-updates. 


 “A triumph of brevity, creativity and quality from beginning to end.”
 Eric Mead  (Genii magazine) 

"This stuff is beyond clever." 
Max Maven

“High-caliber thinking at its best. Highly recommended “
 Michael Close (MAGIC magazine)  

“Somebody like Pit Hartling comes along only once in twenty years – at best.”
Roberto Giobbi

"Quite simply one of the best card books I've read in years.”
Simon Aronson 


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