In Order To Amaze
In Order To Amaze
In Order To Amaze

In Order To Amaze

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In Order to Amaze 

A collection of memorized-deck miracles

The new book by Pit Hartling

Pit Hartling is among the top creators, authors, and performers of card magic in the world today. His book Card Fictions has become a modern classic. This time Pit has turned to the memorized deck. The results are exceptional:

- New concepts in memorized-deck magic.

- Wide range of effects.

- Engaging, unusual new plots and presentations.

- Stack-independent: Almost all effects can be done with any stack.

- Includes „Returning home to stack“ for every effect.

- Expertly written. Clear and easy to read.

- High-quality production (252 pages, artful design, full-colour photographs, 

  hardcover, linen binding)


In Order to Amaze includes items like:

The Poker Formulas

"Any Poker Hand Called For" on speed: Deal any named poker hand to any number of players. Thousands of choices yet you deal any request. No rearrangements, no calculations, nothing to remember. A unique new concept in card magic.


The ultimate "Impossible Location“: With the deck in his own hands, a spectator freely selects any card, replaces it anywhere in the deck and shuffles. All of this can be done in another room. Yet, you find the card, no questions asked. 


A practical new tool for memorized-deck magic. The "Quartets“ concept opens the door to a multitude of new and diverse effects that would otherwise be impossible. 

Game of Chance

There seems no way to cheat at this very simple game, and yet, somehow, spectator after spectator loses in evermore ridiculously funny ways. A full-blown, interactive performance piece. (And for this one, you don’t even need to memorize a stack.)


"My favourite magic book.“


"A wonderful book on every level.“

Mark Leveridge, Magicseen

"Exceptional! Jaw-dropping effects.“

Rolando Santos, The Linking Ring

"Of tremendous value to anyone, whether or not you ever use a memorized deck.“

Simon Aronson

"The most creative corpus, the most profound work.“

Juan Tamariz

"A fantastic achievement. Bears the Hartling stamp!“

Jared Kopf, Magic Magazine

"The new standard of teaching, creating and performing with a memorized deck.“

Eddie Colussi

"Extraordinary. You need this book. You’ll love this book!“

Michael Close, MUM

"What are you waiting for? Buy this book!“

John Lovick, Genii Magazine

More than twenty new effects, methods, plots and  and presentations for the memorized deck. (Almost all effects suitable for any stack.)

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