Algorithm - Instant Download (App) by Yves Doumergue

Algorithm - Instant Download (App) by Yves Doumergue

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In today's digital world, having The Algorithm means you'll never be unprepared to amaze. Every smart phone becomes your secret weapon, and we can't wait to see what presentations you come up with.

The algorithm is not just a routine. It's a four-phase act that's always ready to go:

Imagine the following:
  • The audience shuffles a deck and pulls out any five cards at random.
  • You load up The Algorithm on a borrowed smartphone.
  • The spectator enters any four of the chosen cards into The Algorithm.
  • The Algorithm processes the data and reveals the unknown card... with 100% accuracy.
That's interesting enough on its own, but to really demolish the critics, you're gonna need to do it again. So, you do.But this time, you up the odds:
  • The audience chooses any four cards this time.
  • The spectator enters any three of the chosen cards into The Algorithm.
  • The Algorithm processes the data and reveals the unknown card... with 100% accuracy.
But it doesn't end there. You repeat the feat yet again, with just three cards. Two of them are entered... and once again, the third is revealed with 100% accuracy.

What your audience just witnessed has now left the space of statistical improbability and entered a realm of downright impossibility. And just as their brains begin to catch up...

The Algorithm predicts the location and order of every single card in the deck... with 100% accuracy. It really is that straightforward.

  • A full tutorial library, including written instructions and videos to help you learn The Algorithm right on your smart device.
  • A dedicated training simulator, so you can rehearse the most important steps as many times as you like without any interruptions.
  • Customizable settings - choose your preferred layout and setup, enable an auto-advance timer, and even change your suit order preference.
  • Completely self-contained, so you can use your phone or a spectator's, even if that spectator is a time zone away.
  • Use your own deck. The Algorithm does all the heavy lifting, without the need for gaffs and gimmicks.
  • World-class instructors. Yves Domergue and Gregory Wilson will walk you through every aspect of The Algorithm, including Gregory's personal routine that allows you to perform without the app!
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