Andy Frost (@SleightlyObsessed) Lecture - Monday October 16th

Andy Frost (@SleightlyObsessed) Lecture - Monday October 16th

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Better known as @sleightlyobsessed on Instagram, Andrew’s flawless card technique speaks for itself. He has been raising eyebrows worldwide for years with his buttery smooth sleight of hand. For those who know him, the material you see on Instagram accounts for about 10% of Andrew’s repertoire. Sharing his best routines only with those close to him, Andrew’s creative and entertaining card magic is known to fool even the most experienced magicians. 

In this lecture, Andrew will reveal the secrets to sleights and routines he has never lectured before. 

Previously working as a school teacher, Andrew has refined his teaching style throughout the years to make even the most complex sleight of hand easy to learn. His contemporary and relaxed performing style combined with a fresh take on the classics and frequently being described as one of the best teachers of sleight of hand has made him one of the UK’s most subscribed online magic memberships.

Having shown and shared his material with some of the best in the world, he is loved by names such as Derren Brown, Guy Hollingworth, Yann Frisch and David Williamson.

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