Anson Chen Lecture - May 14

Anson Chen Lecture - May 14

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May 14th at 7pm. Note: this is a live, in-person event that will not be recorded or streamed.

Anson is one of the most sought-after creators in the Asian magic scene, known
for his ability to combine Magic, Mentalism, and Hypnosis to create immersive,
dream-like experiences for his audiences. Anson is the author of the sold-out book
"Reality is Magic” which received critical acclaim from some of the biggest names
in the magic and mentalism community. He is also the founder of Blackstone
Magic Bar, and his performances have been seen on stages all over the world, in
front of major celebrities, and by millions of viewers online.

The "REALITY IS MAGIC" Lecture Tour is an extension of Anson’s book Reality Is
Magic. In the lecture, you will learn some of the closely-guarded routines from
Anson’s personal repertoire. These road-tested effects span everything from closeup magic to parlour magic and even mind-blowing mentalism. Each one has
astounded lay audiences and magicians alike across the globe. The lecture goes
far beyond just teaching new effects and methods, it is a celebration of our
fascinating journey as magicians and a rare chance to view a world in which “real”
magic can exist.

What You Will Learn:

• Create a deeper emotional impact with your magic
• Transform tricks into memorable showpieces
• How to structure engaging performances
• How to construct authentic presentations
• Leave your audiences with memories that are impossible to forget
• Make magic REAL for both your audience AND yourself

Featured Effects:

• Crystallize: A stunning and deceptive spectator as mind reader effect.
• Wishstone: A ritualistic, meaningful piece of magic that your spectator will
hold on forever
• Collective Dream: An immersive card routine that’s popular among the
greats - with an added twist.
• Blindspot: An expose on attention control with using a single coin.
• Cactus: A hard hitting prediction adaptable to any show environment.
• Numero: An easy to use prediction system that is perfect for your everyday
performing environment.
• THOUGHT OF CARDS TRANSPOSITION V2: An upgraded version for
Anson’s signature magician fooler.
• And MORE…

"There's a small subset of us who might actually be wizards. Anson is one of
them." - Jeremy Griffith
“Anson is an artist in the truest sense of the word. His performance pieces radiate
a quiet beauty, successfully merging poetic style and efficient methodology with
sound theoretical underpinnings. I highly recommend engaging with Anson’s work
and attending his lecture.” - Timon Krause
“Anson’s work is rooted in the power of true attention, joy, unwavering focus, and
exquisite taste. With captivating aesthetics and content, Anson creates works of
art that both please the eye and touch the soul." - Cyril Takayama
“Anson Chen is one of the greats of our time.” - Christian Grace

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