BDM Safe Box
BDM Safe Box

BDM Safe Box

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Have you ever imagined being able to control your luck?
After making a bet with your audience, you lock your wager into a metal box. To up the stakes, you mix the real key with four identical keys. Then, with no sleight of hand or switches, your spectator freely chooses a key for themself and you. Next, with everything in full view the whole time, different spectators try to open the box with their keys only to discover their keys don't work. The last key, your key, opens the metal box!
There are so many possibilities with BDM SAFE BOX! 
  • Everything can be handled by the spectators 
  • No electronics 
  • All the keys and box and can be examined 
  • There are no key switches 
  • Easy to do 
Included are a metal box, 5 different keys, online instructions, and a pdf file with more routines, suggestions, and tips.
Control the fate and free will of your audiences today with BDM Safe Box.

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