Boris Wild Lecture - May 2

Boris Wild Lecture - May 2

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Boris Wild Live From Tannen's - May 2nd at 7pm

Please note that this is an in-person lecture only, that will not be recorded or streamed. This is a lecture for magicians, not a show for the public.

BORIS WILD'S NEW LECTURE VARIATIONS After the world wide success of Sensations, Boris Wild is back with a brand new lecture, Variations. Get ready for brand new original routines using some of the most popular themes in card magic including incredible divinations, spectacular revelations, visual color changes, impossible effects of any card at any number… and more! These Variations are for every skill level and will not only amaze your audience but also fool you. At the end of this two-hour lecture, Boris will also talk about his TV appearance on Fool Us where he fooled Penn & Teller.

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