Breather by Rodger Lovins - Trick


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The magician shuffles the deck of cards and places them on the table. He tells the spectator that they are going to play a little game of HIGH CARD. He tells the spectator that each of them will take turns cutting the deck and see who cuts to the highest value card. Twos being the lowest and Aces the highest. The spectator goes first and then the performer. Back and forth until each have four cards. The magician cuts to an Ace every time, even though the spectator has cut the deck in between each one of his turns. The performer then goes into his or her favorite 4 Ace routine! This is good stuff.

What they are saying about Breather:

"The shape of the 'Breather' is cleverly hidden within the design... The card handles easily, and you should not have any difficultly using your Breather right out of the package."
- Genii Magazine, July 2007

"Breather is an excellent and totally invisible gimmick... it makes effects almost effortless and is virtually impossible to detect... I am going to recommend Breather because of the versatility of the gimmick and because it is made so well."
- Linking Ring, July 2007

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