Card Fountain (Alan)

Card Fountain (Alan)

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Effect: Three cards are selected from the deck and replaced. As the performer holds the deck, a card slowly rises from the pack. This is repeated with the second card. For the third card, the magician suggests isolating the deck to eliminate the idea of sleight of hand. He places the deck in a glass on the table. On his command, every card shoots upwards and out of the glass except for one – the final selected card!

This trick was the highlight of Alan’s recent lecture here at Tannen’s. We only have a couple of these card fountains left, which are not available anywhere else. What makes this card fountain great is the visibility and practicality. The deck is in full view in a clear and ungaffed glass when the deck shoots up, and you end completely clean. The device is self-contained, and there is no need for a secret assistant or a remote control to set the fountain. In the video instructions, Alan teaches you the ins and outs not just of this gimmick, but of the entire routine. This is a fully routined showpiece that can make a great closer to any parlor or stage show.

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