Cardiographic Lite RED CARD 5 of Diamonds Refill by Martin Lewis - Trick

Cardiographic Lite RED CARD 5 of Diamonds Refill

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30 more refills for your Cardiographic Lite RED CARD (5D).

No instructions included. You will need the Cardiographic Lite RED CARD 5 of Diamonds Add-On.

About Cardiographic Lite

Cardiographic Lite packs all the power of its famous parent. Featured in David Copperfield's touring show, this is the trick that recently earned Jon Dorenbos a golden buzzer on America's Got Talent!

Effect: Spectator selects a card. Magician says he's drawn the card on a pad, and turns the pad around - it's an entire deck of cards! But not to worry - suddenly a drawing of the spectator's card magically rises from the drawing! You actually watch it rise - looks amazing! AND, the magician can tear out the page and hand it to the spectator as a souvenir!

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