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Close-Up Fantasies: 1 & 2
by Paul Harris

Paul Harris has created some of the most original magic effects ever invented, and Close-Up Fantasies (Books 1 and 2 combined together) contains 117 pages of classic Paul Harris material. Hardbound.

Book 1:
Double Decker
England's Penetration
Fantasy Aces by Paul & Daryl
Flap Jacks by Paul & Daryl
The Safe Cracker
The Dream Boat Dazzler
Discount Deck
Million Dollar Mind Reader by Paul Lacke
Biological Vanish
Overkill by Ackerman, Emberg & Marlo
Sliding Ink
Travelling Triumph [A Trick That's Really "Going Places"]
Tuning Fork

The Time Machine
The Floating Deck
Breaking Point by Looy & Pau
Super Sack by Randy Tanner & Bud Dietrich
The Uncut Version
The Uncut Version of The Uncut Version
Fantasy Coins Thru Table-
Reassembled Finale by Allan Ackerman
The Jack Puzzle
Daryl's Elevator Repair
Stamped Second by Martin Lewis & P.H

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