Cosmos 3

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The ULTIMATE Color Separation. 


"Just when you thought it couldn't get any better... he drops Cosmos 3!!!" 

- Bobby Motta 


"I LOVE this plot. Never has it been this clean or this DEVIOUS!" 

- David Penn 


"Greg's Cosmos 3 absolutely FRIED ME!! It's a Real worker." 

- Nicholas Lawrence 


"I've never been a fan of this effect until NOW! Fair, Direct and CLEAN." 

- Patrick Kun 


"The layers of deception in Cosmos 3 solve all the problems. He fooled me with it!" 

- Justin Flom 


"Cosmos 3 is truly beyond this world. Easy to do, self-working and packs a PUNCH." 

- Marc Lavelle 


"Cosmos 3 is out of this Universe! This will become an instant CLASSIC." 

- Titanas 


From the creator of Cosmos Duo and Inject. 


Cards are genuinely shuffled. 

Cards are shown shuffled. 

With NO moves... 



With this NEW multi-purpose deck, you'll perform astonishing: 

Color Separations 

Oil and Water 

Memorized Deck Demonstrations (without memorization) 

Impossible Predictions 

and MORE... 


What You Get: 

A quality, never-before-seen, deck created by The US Playing Card Co. 

Video instructions that will teach you 5 amazing effects. 

Access to the private Cosmos 3 Facebook group. 


Easy to do 

Instant Reset 

Perform Surrounded 

No Rough and Smooth 

No Sticky Stuff 

No Difficult Sleights 


Your pocket space is valuable... Cosmos 3 is the most versatile deck with SO MANY performance options... 

From instant visual magic to dramatic long performances, you'll do it ALL with ONE DECK!! 


Empower yourself with the GREATEST tool that you'll add to your arsenal of card magic. Cosmos 3.

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