Danny's Panel Board

Danny's Panel Board

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The Panel Board was first introduced in the 1880s as a coin vanish under cover of a cap. It sat dormant until the late 1920s and early 1930s when Danny Tsukalas discovered it and started coming up with amazing looking sequences where coins would vanish and appear under impossible conditions.

Danny was a very successful pitchman who later ended up having his own magic counter in Macy’s flagship store in New York City where he demonstrated his sequences with the board while selling thousands of them. The routines were so amazing that many magicians were inspired to pursue magic as a career after being completely fooled, mesmerized, and astonished.

The problem was that the instructions that came with the boards were not thorough enough to teach how to master it and most purchasers gave up on learning it.

We have put every effort to teach you everything you need to know to do impossible looking magic. You will be able to do some of the sequences within minutes of learning the real secrets of how to prepare and manipulate the board.

The 85-minute video tutorial/documentary features demonstrations, interviews, and explanations by David Copperfield, David Haversat, Jim Sisti, Evil Dan, Danny Tsukalas, and Meir Yedid. The tutorial alone is worth more than what is being charged for the entire package.

►Classic Edition:
These are made of wood and are based on the original designs. They have a checkered front and can handle small coins like US Dimes and Pennies. Overall size is approximately 3.75”x3.38”x.25” and they are all identical.

►Modern Edition:
In 1999 David Haversat, who was Danny’s friend, released the Miracle Board which had multiple wood finishes to make it look like a designer coaster, and many new improvements to make the board run more smoothly. It also could handle coins as large as US Quarters. David recently found a case of them and agreed to let us sell them. Overall size is approximately 3.63”x3.5”x.25” and there are no two that look alike. Limited quantity.

Both versions come with a custom-built panel board and access to an 85-minute video tutorial. Please select which version you want.

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