DOTS MAN AUTOMATIC by Marcos Cruz - Trick


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Marcos Cruz combines two great classics; Multiplying Dots together with the famous video game PACMAN!

With this new automatic and fun super version, it is not necessary to hide the points. Using easy movements and without revealing the secret, you can present a great 'hands free' routine with DOTS MAN AUTOMATIC.

Show your audience your video game tablet with a Pacman in the center and perform the classic movement covering the points with the palm of your hand, many know the secret but with DOTS MAN AUTOMATIC you will break the routine and convince your audience that you have four faces and with different points, turn the tablet easily and the points will change automatically.

Show a Pacman first, turn it over and now it will become four pacman, now where there was one pacman now there will be three and where there were four pacman now there will be six, super easy and incredible.

With DOTS MAN AUTOMATIC your audience can participate. Make the changes before their eyes, everything is very clean. Your audience will go crazy because they will see something that you did not and their interaction becomes part of your show.

At the end of your routine surprise them even more with the presentation of a 3D pacman jumping into the real world.

This is the best version! What are you waiting for? Get your DOTS MAN AUTOMATIC today.

You get:
  • Automatic Tablet
  • Pop-up pacman
  • Instructional video

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