Elevation Playing Cards: Night Edition

Elevation: Night Edition Playing Cards

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The back design features trees and mountains which represent difficulties. The shooting stars in the sky help create a wonderful effect when fanned, and remind us that sometimes things do go downwards in our life. The beautiful blue compass in the center of the design brings attention to the fact that we must always head north and keep advancing, no matter what occurs. I chose "Elevation" as the name of the deck because we always want to keep going up and moving forward in life.

Manufactured by Cartamundi and printed with True Linen B9 Finish and Slimline paper stock, the cards are highly durable and will feel great!

- Two way back design that creates a beautiful effect when fanned
- Traditional borders
- Recolored courts
- Most courts are holding something related to hiking: a map, a hiking stick, a compass or a plant
- Custom Ace of Spades that states, "Move Mountains"
- 3 Jokers: Two identical and one shattered
- Double back card included

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