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This new type of coin box combines the good points of two coin boxes. In this way you can produce sensational effects which border on real magic.
Imagine the following: From an exquisite little black velvet pouch you extract a small, attractive-looking box made of silvery polished metal. It has a big hole in its base which you can easily see through, so that any preparation is out of the question.

Also from the pouch you take four 2 euro coins and put them into the metal box where they can be seen by everybody. Place the filled box on the back of your hand. So far so good. Up to this point we could be talking about an Okito or a Boston box, but we aren't.

Because now the incredible happens. You tap the box lightly with your finger just once - and the coins vanish without a trace, the box is empty and it is possible to look through it. The spectators have hardly recovered from this shock, when the coins clatter onto the table, which is to say they have penetrated your hand. The box can be handed round for examination, no switch is necessary.

But that is not all: The coins are put back in the box which is placed on the table. One tap with your finger: the coins clatter through the table top, the box is empty. How can that be, the spectators ask themselves. Perhaps a prepared table? You can prove that it isn't true. First of all a spectator examines the table top, then the velvet pouch. Then the spectator chooses a certain part of the table, where the next penetration is to take place. First you put the velvet pouch on that very spot, then you put the filled metal box on top. A second later the coins pass through the box, then the velvet pouch and, finally, the table top and drop into your hand under the table. And, of course, just like the pouch, you can hand over the box for examination without worrying and without any switch.

You can use borrowed coins, you can perform the trick at any table you like, even at a glass table in Uncle John's living room. The pouch and box are not prepared in any way.... A real gem that thrills the heart of every magician.

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