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Shattering glass is one of the most astonishing magic effects. Glass shattered in the spectator's hand is not only a shocking experience but also gives the audience an unforgettable breath taking moment. But the fact that the magician needs to stand very close to the glass not only decreases the effect's impact but also minimizes the possibilities of the routine...until now.

Explosion Chamber is a remote control device which allows you to preform the shattering glass routine in a completely sealed box. And you can also be away from the glass to make this magical moment look much more impossible.

With the fireball shooter, Explosion Chamber brings another level of visual excitement to the audience. And the special design allows the magician to trigger everything easily, even without any assistants.

Important Notes:
1. This routine needs shattering glass to work, the device will not shatter normal glass.
2. For safety and legal reasons, the shattering glass and flash paper needed in this routine is not included in this package. Please contact your local magic shop to purchase those consumables.

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