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by Dany Larry, Roger Bitoune and Magic Smith

Play with fire and leave a burning impression. Fireball is a super sleek high tech device that allows you to produce instantaneous balls of fire.

- Fling fire balls from any object - a cup, a card box, even your bare hands!
- Silently and invisibly light flash paper.
- Lighten up any effect with an unexpected burst of flame.

Fireball is a hidden gimmick, leaving your hands completely free to produce objects from the ball of fire! Watch the attached video to see Fireball in action.

Fireball is ready to be used again and again with no reset. It comes complete with the custom-designed Fireball gimmick and complete instructions. Because of the nature of this effect, it can only be sold to adults. Flash Paper sold separately.

Tannen's Magic, Inc., is not liable for any misuse and any injury that may incur due to carelessness on the part of the performer and will not sell it to anyone under the age of 18.

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